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Why It Is Important To Have A Good Resume

Why is it so important to have a good resume?
why it is important to have a clean and awesome looking resume that helps you stand apartIt is very important to have a good resume in today’s world due to the number of people and competition in highly sought after fields.  Being able to stand apart from the crowd is critical to success, and having a good resume can help you do that!What the employers are looking for, is pretty much the same. How you display it, is up to you & what really sets you apart off the bat, so you want to make sure it stands out! Your experience and information is also critical to success.  Make sure that you include as much of the following information below.  The way you display the information can significantly help to separate you from others so that you are seen, however, your experience & information is what will get you the interview.
 You must have the following information below in your resume:
  • Contact Information – It is extremely important to supply your current & correct contact information. Don’t forget to write your address, most used phone number, and your email!  You would be amazed at how many people make mistakes on this, and then wonder why they haven’t gotten any responses!
  • Summary/Profile – Here you should include a brief summary of your talents & skills in the workplace, as well as areas of excellence. This will give the potential employer an overall idea of what you are capable.
  • Work Experience –This is the most important thing.  The better work experience, and more often, they better chance you have at landing that job you are seeking.  Make sure you have great work experience to get a top level job!
  • Education – Ensure you include ALL your education levels, including any certifications you might have.
  • Skills – Mention any other  relevant skills again to cement this into employers mind.

Having a strong resume is very important to help set you apart from the competition, so that you are called into the interview.  You cannot get a job unless you get the interview or call back because of a strong resume!

Why is a resume so important?

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